Our Story

Eliana Ruiz & Maria Teresa Pineda,
Green Wave Co-Founders

About to be a first-time mom and arriving as an immigrant with her husband in the USA were two life-changing events that occurred at the same time for one of our founders, Eliana. During this time, Eliana came at an important realization that many women experience- she was committed to being an outstanding mom but she knew that time and money would also become crucial factors in how she was able to this. Eliana wanted the freedom of time to raise her baby but also the financial means to support her family and be able to create the quality of life she dreamed of.

With many things yet to learn but with an incredible determination and faith, Eliana started contemplating what it was that she could do, while always having an inclination for the beauty industry. Soon after, Eliana had a lunch date with her childhood and lifelong friend, Maria Teresa, who had also moved to the USA to start a new journey. As she waited outside Maria Teresa's job, she saw people coming in and out of a waxing salon,. This is when Eliana intuitively knew she had found her future business. Having seen that her friend was not even able to leave for lunch, barely had any time, and Eliana decided to invite her on the new business adventure.

They joined forces to create what is today Green Wave Body Waxing, an excellence-driven salon that has won the love and loyalty of its clients due to the high quality standards it has maintained and the warm yet professional culture that it has cultivated over the years.

Eliana and Maria Teresa did not know everything starting off and in fact, the majority of things about running a business were entirely new to them. However, they had what was most important- passionate hearts, a strong belief on their values as individuals, their determination and perseverance to learn as they became entrepreneurs, the desire to serve their clients as well as the desire to serve as role models for women looking to become their best as well.

With this and through the strength of their friendship, they have been able to grow Green Wave into what it is today. Their vision is to continue growing and inspiring people throughout the journey!