Rising from the ashes the eco-friendly way...

During the rebuild of our Weston salon, we continuously evaluated and made decisions based on sustainability factors to ensure we were minimizing the impact to the environment and improving the indoor conditions for the space occupants. Our purpose was to create a space that would serve as a model of a sustainable space while supporting our employees and inspiring our clients!

People usually spend 90% of their time indoors, and as a result indoor spaces can have significant impact on the wellbeing of humans

The following was achieved as a result:

Zero VOC Paints

Recycled Flooring

Indoor Air Quality

LED Lighting

Natural Latex Beds

Alkaline Water

Himalayan Salt Lamps



Going Beyond Great.. Towards Sustainability

"Have you heard the phrase "comfort is outside your comfort zone"? We believe that is true, which is why on 2019 we made the conscious decision of starting on another exciting journey. One that we would love to have you be part of!

After 15 years in business, we were doing great but deep inside we knew we wanted more than great, we wanted extraordinary and as always, to be the best.

We started questioning what is the kind of impact and legacy that we want Green Wave to have, not just in our lives and those of our clients and team, but also on our planet. That is when sustainability came into the picture. You might have heard the word, but what does it really mean and what does it have to do with Green Wave?

Transforming Green Wave

A sustainable future is one in which a healthy environment, economic prosperity and social justice are pursued simultaneously to ensure the well-being and quality of life of present and future generations. We know it sounds like an aspirational challenge and that is because it is! And that makes us even more motivated to pave the way for other businesses and for our clients to join us!

If we believe in the power of our everyday actions and in living in a conscious way, it was only natural that we would expand this to really caring about the way our business operates and grows. We don't just believe in change, we believe in transformation,and this is what we are doing with Green Wave...

Transforming into an even more conscious, holistic and sustainable business. It will not be perfect but it will definitely be fulfilling as we give at our best, the same way we do everything... with a passionate heart!

Where we've been and where we are

In 2019, we fully committed and invested in sustainability by starting to work with a sustainability strategy consulting firm to evaluate opportunities for improvement and determine the areas of most environmental and social impact for our business. This was then used to develop a strategy to match our values and purpose, as well as align to our own lifestyles and ideals.

Since then, we have faced an unexpected and destructive fire at one of our locations and (just three months after reopening), we started dealing with the new challenges that the global situation of 2020 presented all small businesses with.

Even though these two things could have been seen as setbacks, they really were opportunities for us (just like we believe every difficult situation in life really is). Due to the fire, we were able to stand behind our new ideals by rebuilding in a sustainable manner and investing in our space, which resulted in a non-toxic and eco-friendly oasis that supports the wellbeing of our team and our clients while offering a modern, natural, and relaxing atmosphere.

And the global situation? Well, we believe it reinforces the importance of sustainability in everything we do (both for individuals AND businesses), and of course, it encourages us to continue renewing, creating, innovating and really pushing ourselves and Green Wave towards conscious growth.

Where we are going

At Green Wave, we remain committed to continuously transforming our business towards a more sustainable model - from the materials we use, to the waste we create, to the social work we envision, to the innovative eco-friendly products and services we plan to develop, and to the every day impact our salons have on society and on the environment.

Even though there are various areas where we still need to improve, we feel proud of what we achieved during our first year in this journey and we are excited to to continue on this ambitious, yet extremely significant and timely path. Our most important focus is to emphasize and create a true culture of sustainability, where the entire team is invested in this transformation, understands it and believes in it. We believe that the more we are and the more of us that connect with this purpose, the more we can achieve and the greater the impact we have, both inside Green Wave, as well as outside.

During the coming year, we will continue working on getting the entire Green Wave team to:

Understand sustainability and its context

Follow and fully align to the sustainability vision

Embed sustainability in all the decision making processes